News: Lewis Dale Supports as External Team Member

Since January 2018, I have been supporting the crypto project with communications. I am now pleased to announce that I have joined their high-calibre team as an external member. This allows me to both provide the team with close ‘behind the scenes’ assistance and also continue to be available to other clients and projects as an independent translator and editor. is a Swiss-based project aimed at creating the first decentralised system of crypto-credit money in the world. The team behind it includes veterans from the blockchain, finance, technology and artificial intelligence fields.

My editing and linguistic work so far has helped produce a compelling English-language whitepaper (available here), regular email newsletters and an introductory video – complete with voice-over (see here) – for the website.

This collaboration represents a great opportunity for me to further develop my existing expertise in blockchain – one of my three areas of specialisation (the others being online content and gaming). At the same time, I am able to do my bit in making financial services more inclusive for the world’s underbanked – those people who have no or little access to banking services.


For more information, visit

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News: Announcing the New Brand Image

The importance of presenting a consistent and professional brand cannot be understated. It not only makes it easier for potential clents to identify the brand, it also provides an opportuity to convey information about the service offering.

After already spending several years in the business without a logo or even an overarching brand theme, I recently decided it’s high time I created a uniform presence – from my website and email signature, to invoices and business cards.

Thanks to some amazing help from my graphic designer cousin, I could do just that. No flashy designs – simply a neat and professional look that clearly reflects the work I do.


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My new business cards neatly display my logo and symbols representing my specialisations.


Besides the new logo, this new brand image includes symbols that represent my areas of specialisation: the Bitcoin symbol for my work with blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects, the gaming controller for the gaming sector, and the computer icon for my specialisation in online content. These symbols allow potential clients to quickly recognise my areas of expertise.

In the last few weeks, I have therefore begun to update the look of my invoices, email signature, business cards and, of course, my website.

As anyone who has their own website will understand, this is very much still a work in progress; there is plenty of room for improvement here.

While the changes over the short term concern the harmonisation of my brand image, my plans for the medium term involve optimising the website for mobile devices. Although rather basic, my website does its job quite nicely on PC web browsers. The same cannot be said on mobiles.

What do you think of the new look? Do you have any experience optimising websites for mobile devices? I would love to read your comments.

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News: Bitcoin Now Accepted as Payment Method

Following on from my previous blog post about blockchain applications for the translation industry, I am able to announce that I now also accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

This service is provided by BitPay, an established Bitcoin payment service provider founded in 2011.

In addition to standard bank transfers, my clients now have the added option of paying invoices in Bitcoin.

Clients benefit from the much lower administration fee for Bitcoin payments compared to international bank charges and an almost immediate transaction speed.

What’s more, my prices will continue to be in euros or Swiss francs – meaning I bear the risk associated with the volatility of Bitcoin. A win-win situation!

I will offer this option to clients each time I issue a normal invoice.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all about this payment method!

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