So, what’s this blog all about?

Good question.

Whilst writing a blog often seems like the ‘right’ thing to do, it only ever works if you know why you’re doing it.

Although blogs are ten-a-penny, good blogs certainly aren’t. And as this is my first post for this blog, I want to make sure I define something of value that I can offer my readers.

Not only will I write about my thoughts on the localisation industry, I’ll also discuss what it’s like to be a translator and my own personal experiences on my journey through the murky, yet undeniably exciting world of freelancing.

Perhaps we might even learn something along the way, regardless of whether you’re a fellow colleague, someone who’s considering a freelance career or you simply stumbled upon this blog by accident!

Be sure to let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like me to address. In the meantime, enjoy!

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