November 2015

The Freelancer’s Journal: The new insider series

When I first embarked on my translation career, I had more questions than you can shake a Google search at.

Freelancing can be overwhelming for newbies. More often than not, we aren’t just translators; we’re also accountants, content writers, file engineers, IT technicians, marketers, project managers and web designers – all rolled into one.

With such a diverse to-do list, a few pearls of wisdom are often appreciated.

Freelancers are happy to share their thoughts and experiences, and this is invaluable – particularly when you’re just starting out. It also helps foster a certain camaraderie among freelancers in what is otherwise quite a solitary profession.

That’s why I’ve decided so start a new series of ad-hoc articles dedicated to sharing my experiences with others. Unlike this blog’s other general posts on translating, The Freelancer’s Journal will specifically set out to help and learn from other independent translators.

Are you unsure of how, or indeed whether, you should make the leap from your stable 9-5 routine into the glorious, pyjama-wearing, self-reliant world of freelancing?

Do you wonder how freelancers deal with working from home?

And what about getting to grips with the business side of things?

The Freelancer’s Journal series will seek to answer these questions and more, and perhaps ask a few questions of its own.

Let me know if you would like to discuss something in particular!