How to Instantly Improve Your Conversion Rate with a Translator

You’ve established your business, created a brand identity and satisfied all your customer needs.

It’s time to expand beyond national borders and serve the international market.

You’re going to conquer the world!

But wait…

Something’s wrong.

The sales figures have just come in and it’s not looking as good as you’d hoped.

Your brand isn’t generating the same positive reception as it does back home.


Let me explain.

Time and again I’ve seen companies do the same thing.

After success in one market, they take success in the next for granted.

They happen to have a bilingual employee or two and believe they can translate their own website, branding and business material in-house.

You could say that makes sense.

After all, translating is just a matter of knowing two languages right? Well, not quite.


Translation is a skill that requires meticulous honing, refinement and practice. Having a working knowledge of two languages just isn’t good enough.

By taking shortcuts here, the results invariably are a website that fails to address your target group, branding that becomes meaningless and business documents such as proposals that lack the professional touch your customers expect.

You provide a quality product or service, right? Make sure you’re demonstrating this quality in how you communicate.

Spelling mistakes, incoherent expressions and simple inconsistencies are what are preventing your website visitors and contacted leads from sending an enquiry or confirming a sale.

To increase your conversion rate in international markets, you have to communicate effectively in the local language.


Hire a professional.

Hiring a translator to localise your message, your website and your business material is an investment in your brand identity. Without a professionally localised brand, you’re just another company in a crowded marketplace. Worse, in fact, if translation errors are impairing your image.

Translators understand how you can best communicate with your target market.

And they can speak to your conversion rates and sales figures.

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