March 2016

One Easy Way to Develop Your Translation Business: The Open Mic Community

Getting your translation business off the ground and making new contacts can be tough, right?

Access to other professionals in your industry is essential, especially when you’re starting out.

Trial and error is great n’all, but no one ever said they have to be your errors.

It’s important to listen to and learn from your peers.

But how can we do this?


This is where professional networks come into their own.


It just so happens that there is an excellent, growing community of helpful translators and interpreters out there who are only too happy to share their insights.

I’ve learned a great deal from the community myself.

And boy, do I wish it had been around when I was getting started!


I’m talking about The Open Mic.

Heard of it?

As it says on the tin, it gives professionals in the freelance translation business an open platform to discuss important issues and ideas.

But it’s also much more than that.

It’s about connecting with colleagues, learning and creating a voice for ourselves.


The brains, and brawn, behind it all is English-to-Russian translator Dmitry Kornyukhov (@Kornyukhov) – who’s made it his mission to give fellow freelancers the tool they need in order to have their say on the future of translation.

One of the bells and whistles which makes this community so great is the fact its creator is so open and willing to engage with users in shaping the direction of the community.

And like the proverbial snowball effect, its success is growing leaps and bounds.

Together with Elena Tereshchenkova (@etereshchenkova), for example, he has also been able build on the success of The Open Mic by creating a weekly series of video podcasts #BlabbingTranslators that features translators discussing important issues.

Woah, woah! Slow down there, Lewis! This sounds like a promoted post – aren’t you just advertising for this platform?

I’m simply a satisfied member of The Open Mic, who’s keen to see the community grow into something truly amazing.

[Tweet “#LetsShapetheFuture of the translation profession and build the amazing @OpenMicXL8 community!”]

I’ve seen a sustained increase in leads, directly generated from my posts on The Open Mic.

I’ve gained fascinating new insights, from tips and tricks to in-depth pieces on my areas of specialisation.

And, last but by certainly no means least, I’ve established some excellent contacts in my industry.

So, as you can see, the results speak for themselves.


Join the community and let me know how you get on!