June 2016

News: Relocating to Zurich – Business as Usual

On Saturday 2nd July 2016, I will be relocating within Switzerland from peaceful Winterthur to metropolitan Wipkingen, Zurich.

Zurich accounts for around CHF 10 billion of the countryโ€™s revenue and this central location shall make me much more accessible to both new and existing clients.

This is not to mention the cityโ€™s enviable quality of life, thanks to its outstanding beauty, safety and welcoming atmosphere.

During the brief relocation phase, I will continue to be available for translation and editing services โ€“ no disruptions are expected.

This should not result in any changes whatsoever for my clients, merely a change to the address shown on invoices.

Let me know if you are also based in Zurich. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you!

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