June 2018

News: Lewis Dale Supports SmartCredit.io as External Team Member

Since January 2018, I have been supporting the crypto project SmartCredit.io with communications. I am now pleased to announce that I have joined their high-calibre team as an external member. This allows me to both provide the team with close ‘behind the scenes’ assistance and also continue to be available to other clients and projects as an independent translator and editor.

SmartCredit.io is a Swiss-based project aimed at creating the first decentralised system of crypto-credit money in the world. The team behind it includes veterans from the blockchain, finance, technology and artificial intelligence fields.

My editing and linguistic work so far has helped SmartCredit.io produce a compelling English-language whitepaper (available here), regular email newsletters and an introductory video – complete with voice-over (see here) – for the SmartCredit.io website.

This collaboration represents a great opportunity for me to further develop my existing expertise in blockchain – one of my three areas of specialisation (the others being online content and gaming). At the same time, I am able to do my bit in making financial services more inclusive for the world’s underbanked – those people who have no or little access to banking services.


For more information, visit SmartCredit.io.