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How SEO and Translation Ensure Your Message Gets Heard

SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about getting your website to Google’s front page. And that’s important.

When was the last time you checked Google’s second page of results?

Not recently, if ever. Right?

If your website doesn’t make the cut for the first page, your audience is not going to see it.


So, when you decide to have your website translated, you might want to consider asking your translator about what SEO expertise they have.

After all, you want all versions of your website to be visible to your target groups, especially once you’ve gone to the trouble of purchasing a translation.


An SEO translation service is by no means an exercise of cramming as many keywords into your text as you can.

Not only will that result in illegible nonsense, Google’s algorithm may even penalise your website placement.


‘Black hat’ tactics similarly involve hiding heaps of keywords in concealed areas of your website, in an attempt to improve the website’s search ranking without putting off readers.

But these kinds of tricks are not tolerated and will certainly end up with Google hiding your website on page 17.


No, instead what you need is the careful application of ‘white hat’ techniques: moderated keyword usage, fitting headlines and page names, as well as a captivating meta-description.

SEO translations are typically freer, or less constrained by the source text for this reason.

While the overall message and meaning is retained, titles may be rewritten to boost website visibility. Forgotten key phrases may be sprinkled throughout the copy, and greater consultation between the client and translator may be required.


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If you are interested in a Google-optimised translation of your website, from German to English, drop me a message!